I am newly engaged. My boyfriend actually popped the question while we were laying down, having a small disagreement on something. We set our date for August of 2016. In 2013, I was the maid of honor at my older sister’s wedding, I knew the basics of a wedding, but I never thought there was so much that actually needed to happen.

I need a dress, his tux, his groomsmen, my bridesmaids, guest list, catering, cakes, decorations, reception, flowers, hair, makeup, video, photographer….the list just KEEPS GOING ON AND ON!!!! UGH! I have no idea how women put up with it. Seeing as how I am 23, this is my first time getting married (age actually doesn’t matter, he’s 23 too, but I get the blessing of being his second wife).

There are so many questions I have about everything! How soon should I order my gown, when do the bridesmaids order theirs? Likewise with the men and their tuxes. When do i need to send the “save the date” cards? When do I need to have my bouquet picked out, when do I need to order the cake and all the other decorations? When do I need to have catering established? It’s such a nightmare and I’m silently freaking out about it! We actually printed out a rather helpful list, it tells us everything he needs to take care of, everything I need to take care of, and there are even things that WE need to take care of together.

I don’t want to be a total “bridezilla” about the whole thing, but I want this to be My first, and ONLY wedding (I know he wishes he could say the same, but that’s okay. It doesn’t bother me). But if anyone stumbles upon this blog, please feel free to comment and share with me how you plan on or already have handled the stresses of a wedding.


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