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I never thought blogs could be professional, boy was I wrong. Blogging is actually pretty nifty and you can do all sorts of things to personalize your page, and you can ad all sorts of links to things important to yourself that you’d like to share, you can set up links to your social media pages so people can see what you’re up to, and you can even add music and pictures! I don’t really understand much about computers or coding, but being in this class kind of makes it fun and I wouldn’t mind spending extra time to expand my knowledge of how computers work and how to code things. Below, I have inserted a video example of something I have previously created for school;

Now, let’s listen to an audio clip. I have chosen a short audio file from a project I have recently completed in class;

For my next trick, I will upload a photo! How exciting is that? I will choose a photo I took yesterday while basking in the sun, on the shores of Lake Erie;

Lake Erie Waves

These examples are all things I have learned in school (how to edit video, how to create audio, and how to get a good shot for a picture or video). Now, I can’t teach you all of these things, but if you liked the audio file, you can go to  to contact the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. Or, if you like my picture, I can recommend for a few tips on how to make your photos a little bit better. Coding and html are pretty fun. But it can be stressful and time consuming, but that’s the adventures of learning! If it was easy everybody would be doing it… considering education, this is a true and sad opinion of mine.

Also, when you work with html, you can learn cool coding things like the blue lines around this sentence.

 also, you could insert fun backgrounds like this one;


About Vanessa Shackelford

I am a student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, I am a veteran of the United States Army, and I love expanding my knowledge about the world and I love to travel. I am hoping to launch a career traveling with National Geographic as either a photographer (or film producer if need be, but photography is the ultimate goal).

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