Pro Blog 6


For my final “professional blog” we’re gong to talk about dealing with things you hate.

As a people, we are forced to do things we hate on a daily basis. Nobody goes through a day where they don’t have to do something they hate. Maybe you hate computers? I do sometimes, but I only hate the one I have. The “ENIAC” was the first computer, if it never existed, I couldn’t hate the one I have now.  ( Sometimes I hate the internet, but I love ARPANET ( and I like Lawrence Roberts for creating the beginning of what we are as a society today.(

So why was any of that necessary to this blog you may find yourself asking? Because people have to deal with crap they hate every single day. I hate repetition. Patterns make me rather angry. But I have to deal with t every day…My favorite songs? Repetition. My last SIX blog assignments? Repetitive. repeat      I need chaos for my life to be perfectly balanced. Does that make sense? I need to touch things to learn them, I need to screw up and get yelled at, get fired or quit my job. Maybe I leave what I liked doing because I fell in love with someone and even though we made no plans for ourselves as grown people after leaving the Army, I still decided to create a path of chaos. Chaos isn’t always bad though. We had it rough, nothing went right, we lived with his super cool parents and they supported my lazy self rent-free while I collected unemployment unemployment for the first 5 months I loved there before I took job hunting seriously. I know they love me now, but they probably hated dealing with me in their house every day, but they still did it because they are good and patient people.

patience-2     I didn’t want to leave Colorado. I had friends, a life, I hated the idea of leaving. I liked the idea of my honorable discharge, my contract expired, and I felt like my body couldn’t handle it anymore, so I thanked my unit for an unforgettable experience, and I left. But I hated leaving Colorado. My best friend was still there, but I left anyway because of the man I love who moved to Ohio because of a job we didn’t even know how much longer it would last. But they liked him and kept him, and I found OCB. Sometimes I hate the lessons there, or I dislike an instructor, But I deal with it, because if I want to graduate, and want to learn something, I have to leave my personal grudges separate from my professional ones. Example; one instructor at the school… as a person, I cannot stand him I think he is crude, self-righteous, and all around terrible to be around. As a professional, if I worked for him, I would have nothing but respect for all the hard work he has done in this industry and he has every right to be the way I perceive him. He has worked hard day and night for much longer than I have been alive and he knows how to get things done right, and on time. Anyone could learn so much from just an hour of listening to him talk.

I actually hate rambling, but I do it all the time. Sometimes I do it on purpose, and sometimes I get really excited about talking about something and I lose my ability to close my mouth.

So do what you hate and do it with a smile, I did a lot of things I hate in my 23 years of life, and I love where I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂


About Vanessa Shackelford

I am a student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, I am a veteran of the United States Army, and I love expanding my knowledge about the world and I love to travel. I am hoping to launch a career traveling with National Geographic as either a photographer (or film producer if need be, but photography is the ultimate goal).

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