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I am a student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, I am a veteran of the United States Army, and I love expanding my knowledge about the world and I love to travel. I am hoping to launch a career traveling with National Geographic as either a photographer (or film producer if need be, but photography is the ultimate goal).

Pro Blog 6


For my final “professional blog” we’re gong to talk about dealing with things you hate.

As a people, we are forced to do things we hate on a daily basis. Nobody goes through a day where they don’t have to do something they hate. Maybe you hate computers? I do sometimes, but I only hate the one I have. The “ENIAC” was the first computer, if it never existed, I couldn’t hate the one I have now.  ( Sometimes I hate the internet, but I love ARPANET ( and I like Lawrence Roberts for creating the beginning of what we are as a society today.(

So why was any of that necessary to this blog you may find yourself asking? Because people have to deal with crap they hate every single day. I hate repetition. Patterns make me rather angry. But I have to deal with t every day…My favorite songs? Repetition. My last SIX blog assignments? Repetitive. repeat      I need chaos for my life to be perfectly balanced. Does that make sense? I need to touch things to learn them, I need to screw up and get yelled at, get fired or quit my job. Maybe I leave what I liked doing because I fell in love with someone and even though we made no plans for ourselves as grown people after leaving the Army, I still decided to create a path of chaos. Chaos isn’t always bad though. We had it rough, nothing went right, we lived with his super cool parents and they supported my lazy self rent-free while I collected unemployment unemployment for the first 5 months I loved there before I took job hunting seriously. I know they love me now, but they probably hated dealing with me in their house every day, but they still did it because they are good and patient people.

patience-2     I didn’t want to leave Colorado. I had friends, a life, I hated the idea of leaving. I liked the idea of my honorable discharge, my contract expired, and I felt like my body couldn’t handle it anymore, so I thanked my unit for an unforgettable experience, and I left. But I hated leaving Colorado. My best friend was still there, but I left anyway because of the man I love who moved to Ohio because of a job we didn’t even know how much longer it would last. But they liked him and kept him, and I found OCB. Sometimes I hate the lessons there, or I dislike an instructor, But I deal with it, because if I want to graduate, and want to learn something, I have to leave my personal grudges separate from my professional ones. Example; one instructor at the school… as a person, I cannot stand him I think he is crude, self-righteous, and all around terrible to be around. As a professional, if I worked for him, I would have nothing but respect for all the hard work he has done in this industry and he has every right to be the way I perceive him. He has worked hard day and night for much longer than I have been alive and he knows how to get things done right, and on time. Anyone could learn so much from just an hour of listening to him talk.

I actually hate rambling, but I do it all the time. Sometimes I do it on purpose, and sometimes I get really excited about talking about something and I lose my ability to close my mouth.

So do what you hate and do it with a smile, I did a lot of things I hate in my 23 years of life, and I love where I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂


Pro Blog 5


I don’t really understand why the criteria for all of these “professional” blogs are all the same. Praise Jesus for shining the holy light down on this school! Yes, The Ohio Center for Broadcasting is an outstanding program, and I have learned so many things that I can carry with me for the rest of my life, but let’s be honest, every time I look at what is required to have in the blog…there is only so much praise I can give to any one person, place, or thing on any given day. I have squeezed all the liquids from my brain over the past week trying to make this school seem like a wonderful place to be, because it is. But please, for the sake of the next classes, find other ways to incorporate the things that have been taught, like first blog, discuss radio, blog 2, discuss television (what it was like to do our first practice news cast). Blog 3, discuss the importance of what we learned in the news studio (board op, camera op, teleprompter etc.). Blog 4, discuss web design and intro to html, blog 5, discuss social media and how we had to create all these new professional accounts to broaden their opportunities to be discovered. Blog 6, anything else we have learned to far that I may have left out. Or if I have been reading the instructions wrong, let me know, because I am always up for being wrong. It’s a part of learning.
     I embrace being wrong.

     I also love being right. I’m a woman, of course I love being right, and here to help explain why women are right and always win is my pretend best friend, Dane Cook. I wish we were friends in real life, he’s a cool dude.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten really far off track, I have one more
professional blog to complete on my list of last minute things that I like to do every Sunday night before I shower, take some ZzzQuil, and go to bed so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing every monday morning.

For more information on being right or wrong, consider going to or if you still don’t use Google, try Bing.

Oh, and just so I’m following the criteria, here’s a few pictures that match being right vs. being wrong.

right:wrong    rightnwrong Oh, how could I forget that I also need to include audio…

And here’s a related link just to make sure I’m hitting up everything thats being asked of me.

If you feel like waiting another hour, I’ll have found something else to rant on bout for my final blog.

Pro Blog 4


BROADCASTING!!! That’s all I’ve been telling you about these past four posts. But I do it because it’s probably one of my better choices. I believe I can apply the things I have learned here into my future goal in photography. I have taken the liberty to attach a photo that I took of my friends after we covered setting up a proper and good shot here at OCB.

fly When you are setting up a shot, it requires a lot of time and patience. These are all things we learned while attending OCB. We learned how to set up a shot inside, outside, how to adjust cameras so everything looks good (no unnecessary shadowing, brightness issues, etc) I know every young girl in her 20’s says photography is a passion of theirs, but it’s so much more than a hobby to me. It’s everything I want in my life. To travel the world, learn about exotic new cultures, foods, people, wildlife, the list goes on and on! Attending broadcasting school, I learned to film and produce video, produce audio, and even write scripts for videos. What if you wanted to learn how to do all of that without paying? I guess you could get something along the lines of Film Making for Dummies on for probably around $20. But that doesn’t give you the hands on teaching that you may need. I’m an interactive learner. I can’t stare at textbooks or computer screens all day. (Let’s be professional here) I need to touch things, hold them, work with things (let’s use a camera as an example): You could show me a diagram of it, but I won’t fully know how it works until after I’ve held it and used it a few times. If you ever have a shred of doubt in your precious mind that broadcasting isn’t for you, watch this video of a former student of the Ohio Center for Broadcasting:

  We also teach you how to put cool videos from to your awesome page. Don’t have WordPress? The’ll show you how to make a totally awesome/professional webpage for yourself!

Pro Blog 3


ocb2Hey there! Are you still interested in broadcasting school? Have you ever tried to film a short movie with you and your pals, but the shots keep coming out too dark or too bright? The Ohio Center for Broadcasting (OCB) can help you solve those problems and many more problems you think you could have with a camera. The staff here at OCB can help you create the best commercial, music video, even news casts! Your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) would be so proud of you! Probably your spouse and/or children too. Well, you had fun filming things, but it turns out, that wasn’t your passion. What if you are shy but still want to be heard? Try radio! Radio is a great way for any person(s) to express how they feel on any subject they choose to discuss (within FCC regulation, of course).  Here at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, the staff strives to give each student the necessary tools they will need to create successful futures for themselves, including; how to write a proper resume, interview etiquette, cover letters, thank you letters to potential employers, and even how to build and customize a professional website for yourself. If you go to Google and search “benefits of broadcasting school”, the first thing to pop up on the search results is a link to the main page . Don’t believe me? Here is a link to the search results to my suggested search: . The unfortunate thing about the beonair main page, is that you can’t access any additional information about the school, until you fill out an info card and request information about the school, which in turn, they will call you when you didn’t really even want a phone call in the first place, you just wanted to do a bit of silent reading on your own without having to talk to anybody. But in case that turned you away from broadcasting, don’t let my rambling scare you, I’m just a social awkward 20-something girl with anxiety and I talk too much. So here’s a video to bring you back around to the idea of broadcasting.“>

 There is also plenty of fun to be had in just audio. Students at OCB will learn all the fun of being in a production studio recording practice radio commercials, mini dramas, even their own songs if they so choose! If we like your song, we’ll even air it on the . The super intelligent staff will actually show you how to upload things to your SoundCloud account, and even help you get started with SoundCloud if you don’t have it. Then you can upload all the serious, silly, professional things you want. Here is a 20 second demo of what it’s like inside of an interns head via SoundCloud;

     Speaking of interns, students at OCB have opportunities to intern with local radio and TV stations. It’s a great way to begin networking and you could even land a full time job wherever you intern. If your internship doesn’t suit you (it happens, its alright), then OCB has a wonderful job placement program to keep your foot in the door and they will help guide you in the direction you want to go.

Pro Blog 2


Welcome back! So as you know, I am currently attending broadcasting school. Have you ever wondered what it was like at broadcasting school? It’s actually pretty neat. I never thought I would have an internet radio show, and I learned all bout how to be a radio host while attending broadcasting school. I do my internship with a deejay at a family bar/grill. Of course, after 8:00 in the evening, it becomes more of an adult atmosphere on friday nights. however, Friday night is the only night that the deejay is there, but there’s also live bands that play every friday night unless there is a game on. If there is a game on, I don’t get to do really anything because people don’t care about the music, they care about the game. With the live bands, I get to do some work, unfortunately, I’m searching for a new internship because I’m not learning as much as I thought I would. That is no fault of my instructor, let me just say that, he is a good person, and very professional. Sometimes things just don’t always turn out the way you want it to, and that’s part of the learning. We have students that intern at news stations and radio stations, sports events and they love their internships.

Here is an example of a fun video project a former student from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting had fun filming and producing. Reminder that the content in the video is to entertain and the information regarding tuition money is just poking fun and should not be taken seriously.

There are also plenty of audio things you can do if video isn’t your forte (but you’ll still have to do it for a grade). You will learn how to do blogs such as WordPress, and you can even learn to be proficient i social media programs you never thought you would use like LinkedIn (twitter in my case). You will learn that having a SoundCloud account is incredibly helpful for uploading audio into your blogs. I didn’t think I needed SoundCloud, but I was wrong. In fact, I’m about to use it right now to add in an audio clip from a previous radio show I hosted.


      If you ever decide to learn more about the amazing world of broadcasting, you can go to or you can call

216-503-5900. I hope i was somewhat insightful and maybe I’ll see you in the halls of our awesome school.

Pro Blog


I never thought blogs could be professional, boy was I wrong. Blogging is actually pretty nifty and you can do all sorts of things to personalize your page, and you can ad all sorts of links to things important to yourself that you’d like to share, you can set up links to your social media pages so people can see what you’re up to, and you can even add music and pictures! I don’t really understand much about computers or coding, but being in this class kind of makes it fun and I wouldn’t mind spending extra time to expand my knowledge of how computers work and how to code things. Below, I have inserted a video example of something I have previously created for school;

Now, let’s listen to an audio clip. I have chosen a short audio file from a project I have recently completed in class;

For my next trick, I will upload a photo! How exciting is that? I will choose a photo I took yesterday while basking in the sun, on the shores of Lake Erie;

Lake Erie Waves

These examples are all things I have learned in school (how to edit video, how to create audio, and how to get a good shot for a picture or video). Now, I can’t teach you all of these things, but if you liked the audio file, you can go to  to contact the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. Or, if you like my picture, I can recommend for a few tips on how to make your photos a little bit better. Coding and html are pretty fun. But it can be stressful and time consuming, but that’s the adventures of learning! If it was easy everybody would be doing it… considering education, this is a true and sad opinion of mine.

Also, when you work with html, you can learn cool coding things like the blue lines around this sentence.

 also, you could insert fun backgrounds like this one;

Monday at OCB


Today, we had the pleasure of having Mark Quinn instruct our class. He has a lot of information to share and we have learned a lot from him today, and he has given us a few links to look at and think about. I need to get my notebook out and write down all the questions I have for him. Like for example, I asked him what the difference was between an app and a widget sense I’m not very tech-savy. and he answered it clearly, and in a way I could understand.

Last Minute Homework


So all day Monday and Tuesday I had time to do this, but I am a procrastinator, so I’m doing it right before it’s due. I did read these articles, and found them to be pretty interesting. For example, I never knew that the hashtag was so important to businesses. I thought it was just something teenage girls did to advertise how in love with Starbucks they are. But it turns out, hashtagging drastically improved sales for businesses that used them in their online advertising. Companies that used 1-3 hashtags improved sales by roughly 10%, but the stores that did 3-7 hashtags, had improved sales by about 60-70%. I thought that was really cool because I didn’t think hashtags could be so important.

The article about Facebook safety was also pretty  inspiring. What it is, is whenever natural disasters occur (the article refers to the recent one in Nepal), this feature will show up on your Facebook and you can respond to it to let your loved ones know that you are safe. I think that is incredible. I know if Illinois ever came under natural disaster, I would sleep a lot better if I knew my mom was safe.

Then there was the article about creating videos that appeal to the audience with humor. I didn’t know that it was so hard to create funny commercials or videos. Sometimes it was fairly easy, like recording to a bunch of kids react as they try to figure out older computers. But then it gets to ideas that were a little harder to come up with, but those are always the most obvious ideas. like “88 problems that every cat owner has had at some point.” These are things that normal people have done and can relate to, but it is a bit harder to actually come up with things like that. We as a people, I believe have the tendency to completely over think everything, which in turn, causes them to miss the answer when it’s right there.

I think there was only 3 articles, there was only 3 in my inbox. I hope i didn’t delete one.  Unrelated to last minute homework… you look absolutely fabulous today!

My Weekend


So my weekend was actually pretty lousy. Being a 23 year old woman, living in my own house, decided I would have some drinks when I got home from my internship. I was already feeling slightly under the weather due to the drastic change of weather that has come over Ohio, but I decided a few drinks wouldn’t matter. Well, Saturday morning begged to differ when I woke up at 10:00 AM and that instantly made my morning bad because my kickboxing class starts at 10:00. So i went downstairs got breakfast, and went back to sleep until 3:30 in the afternoon. Now that I’ve slept the hangover away, I’m wide awake, full of energy, but I’m still sick so I just spent all day watching reruns on t.v. Sunday I woke up, had a disagreement with my fiance, he went and cleaned the garage, I went into the front yard and watered my flowers, we  resolved our issue like loving adults, went grocery shopping, did laundry, made dinner together, took a shower, and went to bed.

Now it’s Monday and I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, because I did’t enjoy mine. 🙂



I am newly engaged. My boyfriend actually popped the question while we were laying down, having a small disagreement on something. We set our date for August of 2016. In 2013, I was the maid of honor at my older sister’s wedding, I knew the basics of a wedding, but I never thought there was so much that actually needed to happen.

I need a dress, his tux, his groomsmen, my bridesmaids, guest list, catering, cakes, decorations, reception, flowers, hair, makeup, video, photographer….the list just KEEPS GOING ON AND ON!!!! UGH! I have no idea how women put up with it. Seeing as how I am 23, this is my first time getting married (age actually doesn’t matter, he’s 23 too, but I get the blessing of being his second wife).

There are so many questions I have about everything! How soon should I order my gown, when do the bridesmaids order theirs? Likewise with the men and their tuxes. When do i need to send the “save the date” cards? When do I need to have my bouquet picked out, when do I need to order the cake and all the other decorations? When do I need to have catering established? It’s such a nightmare and I’m silently freaking out about it! We actually printed out a rather helpful list, it tells us everything he needs to take care of, everything I need to take care of, and there are even things that WE need to take care of together.

I don’t want to be a total “bridezilla” about the whole thing, but I want this to be My first, and ONLY wedding (I know he wishes he could say the same, but that’s okay. It doesn’t bother me). But if anyone stumbles upon this blog, please feel free to comment and share with me how you plan on or already have handled the stresses of a wedding.