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Last Minute Homework


So all day Monday and Tuesday I had time to do this, but I am a procrastinator, so I’m doing it right before it’s due. I did read these articles, and found them to be pretty interesting. For example, I never knew that the hashtag was so important to businesses. I thought it was just something teenage girls did to advertise how in love with Starbucks they are. But it turns out, hashtagging drastically improved sales for businesses that used them in their online advertising. Companies that used 1-3 hashtags improved sales by roughly 10%, but the stores that did 3-7 hashtags, had improved sales by about 60-70%. I thought that was really cool because I didn’t think hashtags could be so important.

The article about Facebook safety was also pretty  inspiring. What it is, is whenever natural disasters occur (the article refers to the recent one in Nepal), this feature will show up on your Facebook and you can respond to it to let your loved ones know that you are safe. I think that is incredible. I know if Illinois ever came under natural disaster, I would sleep a lot better if I knew my mom was safe.

Then there was the article about creating videos that appeal to the audience with humor. I didn’t know that it was so hard to create funny commercials or videos. Sometimes it was fairly easy, like recording to a bunch of kids react as they try to figure out older computers. But then it gets to ideas that were a little harder to come up with, but those are always the most obvious ideas. like “88 problems that every cat owner has had at some point.” These are things that normal people have done and can relate to, but it is a bit harder to actually come up with things like that. We as a people, I believe have the tendency to completely over think everything, which in turn, causes them to miss the answer when it’s right there.

I think there was only 3 articles, there was only 3 in my inbox. I hope i didn’t delete one. ¬†Unrelated to last minute homework… you look absolutely fabulous today!